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Alma Walker Wade
Dear Dick, Just wanted to say thank you for another great event last Saturday night. Believe everyone had a great time and it all seemed to be over so quickly. It was super seeing you again and all the committee members. You have all worked so hard over the years and I for one have greatly appreciated all that you have put into it. You deservedly are entitled to that "pension" plan! Wishing you well in the future and all your endeavors. Now, get some rest.

Mary Anne Nesalhaus
To Dick Dotts and the '61 Committee: What a special evening Saturday was. Your committee was caring and sure we, the other teachers were taken care of. I look forward to your reunion. I hope someone in the class can take over this great project. Thank you from a very happy retired teacher.

Louis A. Sergio
Dear Dick, I received my "proofs" a couple of weeks ago and they made three important points: (1) Old age "sucks." (2) The word "last," as in "The Last Class' Reunions," is so final. (3) I have been very remiss in not writing sooner. Thank you so much for having me as your guest at what proved to be a nostalgic, heart-warming, totally satisfying experience for me. Renewing acquaintance with former students whose names were fading with time "made my day," and reaffirmed my choice of professions. Please extend my thanks to Bill Barger who, I'm certain, brought your attention to my desire to attend. You and your committee are to be congratulated for the resounding success of the event. Such a complex gathering require energy, patience, tenacity, and meticulous organization. Again, my heartfelt thanks.

Bob Lowe
Dick, You are to be congratulated for your efforts in putting together the 1961-63 Reunion. It was an event that we will never forget. The sad thing is your announcement that it will be the last. But I guess that it is best to go out with a bang. The class of 1961 is a truly outstanding class, and on behalf of your old teachers, I would like to thank all of you for remembering us.

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